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Continuously discovering optimizations at many top companies

The whole solution. From the audit, to the optimizations, we discovered a new outlook on SEM. Effortless and user-friendly.
Remi Calmel
Dolead accompanied us in the development of our SEM strategy. The teams brought their expertise and they adapted to our market.
Dolead helped us quickly expand our acquisition strategy in Slovakia, Spain and Czech Republic.
Alexis de Schonen
AXA Assistance

what is it?

A revolutionary technology that automatically manages and optimizes your AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns


Discover our audit and optimization technologies

Human Touch

Because we know how important a human touch is, you have the possibility of having a dedicated Account Manager who is AdWords and Bing Ads certified.



Access to a fully responsive user dashboard, with all your accounts and campaigns in one place – even if you use multiple networks like AdWords and Bing Ads!


Discover your keywords with our keywords tools.

Discover your audit

Sign up for free to receive a comprehensive audit with optimization suggestions


Review your optimizations

Create an account with Dolead. Connect your AdWords or Bing Ads account. Our advanced technologies analyze your campaigns and generate your audit. It’s that simple! Then you can implement our optimizations to improve your overall productivity and CTR.

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From Opportunities to Optimizations:

Discover your optimizations, establish your goals, create your workflow, and run your analysis


To add, to pause, to negate

We use a semantic analysis of your campaign to detect keywords to add to your account. Adding the suggested keywords will allow you to track your performance more accurately, and obtain additional hits and clicks. One a week, Dolead’s automatic audit report allows you to add new keywords.


To A/B test, to pause

The A/B testing of advertisements is the best way to identify the marketing messages that relate directly to your prospective clients, and at the same time, increase the click-through rates of your campaigns.

Bid Management

To increase, to decrease

We use the cost per acquisition (CPA) of each campaign as a starting point to compute optimal bids for your keywords. Of course, this target CPA can be changed at anytime. Our advanced technology combines a statistical approach with financial mathematics to determine the optimal performance that can be achieved for each of your keywords, as well as the data for expected search volume of each keyword.

User profiling

Devices, Ad Seasonality, and Geolocation

Our mathematical and semantic algorithms will compute the best optimizations available for you to apply to your campaigns to improve performance.

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Dolead is a Parisian start-up founded in 2007.

Dolead HQ
14 Boulevard Poissonnière
75009 Paris
P: 09 72 39 87 85

Dolead has more than 30 employees that are passionate about technology and digital innovation. We have our own R&D lab (15 PhDs and engineers) and team of Google AdWords certified Account Managers. Dolead provides a full range of semantic and profiling technologies to help advertisers maximize their revenues.

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