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Dolead Campaign Manager is a highly sophisticated technology

that syncs with your Google & Bing campaigns in minutes.

It automatically drives your auction management and keyword selection

to help you reach your business goals.


  • Create your Dolead Account
  • Link your Google Adwords & Bing accounts
  • Set your business targets


  • We generate your keywords & ads
  • We make your ads visible on Google and Bing
  • We activate Dolead autopilot


  • We increase traffic to your website
  • You get more phone calls
  • You grow your business, and we make it easy!

Simple Time-saving Efficient

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  • 2
    Google and Bing automated campaigns in one place.
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Dolead is the leader of programmatic marketing for SMB’s

Dolead founded its own research and development lab in 2010. Today, Dolead has 15 or so engineers who have all graduated from the best French business schools. 3 have PHDs in semantics, machine learning, applied mathematics and informatics.

We develop automatic optimisation tools, from semantic exploration to determining the mathematical optimums in real-time through the statistical analysis of big data. We are also certified by Google and Bing.

Come In and Say Hi!
Dolead is a Parisian start-up founded in 2007. Our team of around 30 employees, are passionate in technology and digital innovation. Dolead has its own R&D lab (15 PhDs and engineers) and its own team of Account Managers who are certified with Google AdWords.
Dolead provides a full range of semantic and profiling technologies to help advertisers maximize their revenues.

Dolead HQ

14 boulevard Poissonnière

75009 Paris, France

Tel: +33 9 72 39 87 85