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Dolead Campaign Management

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Dolead Campaign Manager

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A dedicated Consultant (Google AdWords and Bing Ads certified) will help you develop an initial strategy to make the most of our optimization tools. This consultant will manage your search engine marketing campaigns and provide:


An in-depth analysis of your digital marketing strategy and campaigns


Suggestions on how to improve your campaigns, as well as the implementation of these strategies


A monthly report on your campaigns’ performance


Made-to-measure support, based on your business objectives

Time-saving and human-centered technologies

Our algorithms help our Consultants work more efficiently, giving them more time to collaborate with you on developing your project. These tools perform repetitive tasks that previously had to be done by people: 24/7 real-time bid adjustments, suggesting new keywords to activate or pause, generating new campaigns, etc.

These technologies provide your Consultant with more time to work with you on your campaign.

All your lead acquisition data on a single platform

The Dolead Campaign Manager platform is a comprehensive tool that provides an overview of all your statistics from your Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

414 018 leads generated 2017

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