May 7th 2021

Dolead announces their latest investment raising $15M!

Dolead annonces their latest investment raising $15M with the help of their long-term partner XAnge Private Equity and Ring Capital, a new VC firm based in Paris investing in scale-up projects from the French Tech. This investment will expedite R&D efforts and put forward a presence in new markets in Europe and in the US. Dolead has reinvented the usual approach to digital marketing and gone further developing a unique acquisition technology. Their offer focuses on performance and answers the eternal question from all advertisers, “How can we generate growth while maintaining acquisition costs?”

Our technology runs on semantic algorithms automatically creating campaigns from a keyword database that is rich in 26 languages. This includes managing bids, behavioral statistics and machine learning to optimize the digital marketing acquisition funnel. It is truly an innovation that spans campaigns, landing pages, and CRM data analysis to constantly redefine target markets.  

Dolead specializes in online lead generation, attracting interested potential customers in eight major markets: Telecommunications, Insurance, Energy, Higher Education, Home Improvement, etc. Among their 300 clients in Europe, Dolead has many very prestigious clients including Allianz, Credit Agricole, Dassault Systemes, EDF ENR, le Figaro, Saint-Gobain, and SFR.

Arthur Saint-Pere and Guillaume Heintz, co-founders at Dolead, explain their offer,  “We propose a unique combination of technology and expertise that allows us to increase conversion volume from campaigns while adhering to an agreed budget. Our latest investment will allow our engineers to integrate new functions benefitting our clients in both France and abroad. “

Since they launched their performance based offer in 2016, Dolead has exhibited hypergrowth and continues to maintain profitability. Marie-Capucine Lemetais of Ring Capital is optimistic about their future, “ We were convinced by Dolead’s ability to differentiate themselves with a single offer that meets the very strategique needs of their clients and their capacity to expand quickly in France and in Europe. Our investment aims to expedite their development on an international level, making Dolead a new leader in the online acquisition market. “

About Dolead

Founded in 2007 by Arthur Saint-Pere and Guillaume Heintz, Dolead is one of the key players in the European martech industry. Their approach to online lead generation has already conquered over 300 European brands and received recognition from their partners Google Adwords, Bing Ads, etc.

Key Statistics

    • Scale-up with hypergrowth and profitability in 2016 and 2017
    • 40 employees as of June 2018
  • Investment: $5M before 2018 and $15M in June 2018

Ring Capital (

Launched in December 2017, Ring Capital is the principal investor for this round of fundraising. They aspire to support French Tech scale-ups as they grow and expand internationally. Ring Capital manages €165M in assets and has already invested in Adikteev and Tiller Systems.

X-Ange (

XAnge is a team of Franco-German investors at a venture capital firm that has €450M under management. They invest in high tech and digital start-ups such as ABTasty, Ledger, and Chauffeur Prive. XAnge is Siparex Group’s innovation finance brand and a key player in the French venture capital scene.

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