May 7th 2021

Dolead Joins the Bpifrance Hub🎉

On September 13, 2017, Dolead was chosen to join the Bpifrance Hub, a French Tech partner program for start-ups. We are honored to join the 2017-2018 lineup of 23 start-ups selected from over 300 companies that applied. 

But, what is the Bpifrance Hub? 

Bpifrance Hub

The Hub is a partner program to support B2B start-ups and was founded by Bpifrance. It is not to be confused with an incubator program as the Hub seeks to help high potential start-ups by putting them in contact with medium-sized companies and multinationals as well. Linking start-ups and larger established companies mutually enhances their growth. 

But, that is not all, the Hub is also…

  • A program that builds brand recognition for start-ups with international events that are organized by Bpifrance such as meetup events and conferences. 
  • A boost for their start-ups’ international development in Europe, the US and in China. 
  • Networking between start-ups and investors.
  • Partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft and many more.
  • Media coverage at events via industry wide press and the general press. 

What does this change for Dolead? 

This is wonderful news for us, for you and all of our partners! Our cooperation with Bpifrance allows us to boost our growth so that you can benefit from top-quality services.   

Dolead will certainly continue to grow and welcome new collaborators. This will include a new version of the Dolead Campaign Manager interface that will be available in the coming months. It operates faster with more refined capabilities and is even more user-friendly. Finally, it is an additional contribution to our budget for R&D efforts to continue reinforcing algorithms that optimize your campaigns. 

Thank you to everyone and to the Bpifrance team!

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