May 7th 2021

Google AdWords Requires All Account Holders to Use Parallel Tracking Beginning October 2018

Google introduced parallel tracking earlier this year to improve website connection speed for mobile devices. It has been confirmed that all accounts must use this new tracking system as of October 30, 2018.  

Google AdWords Parallel Tracking

Parallel tracking improves mobile device connection speed by measuring background clicks while a web page is loading. Overall web page loading time is reduced by several seconds.

As Google is committed to increasing Internet speed, their company is making parallel tracking mandatory for all AdWords accounts. Advertisers can make this update via the account parameters page in the “Tracking” menu. Google also advises AdWords account holders to verify that their tag management system is prepared for this change to avoid any potential complications.

In addition to Google’s pledge to improve page speed, they have also initiated multiple changes to Google Adwords to enhance security features. Beginning the week of June 11th, Google AdWords will automatically forward HTTP search clicks to HTTPS as long as the site still accepts HTTPS.

Alert HTTP to HTTPS on Google Chrome

Over the next few weeks, AdWords will notify advertisers that currently use HTTP addresses that these addresses are typically more vulnerable for destination pages. Furthermore, advertisers can update landing page URLs from HTTP to HTTPS without resetting their performance statistics.

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