Dolead, the world’s first paid media Leads-as-a-Service solution

We’ve combined exclusive semantic technology with AI to automate and optimize paid-media customer acquisition at scale.

High-intent sales leads business drive growth | flux fiable leads alimentent activité stimulent croissance | Le vendite ad alta intenzionalità portano alla crescita del business | Las ventas de alta intención lideran el crecimiento del impulso empresarial.

Feed Growth

A reliable, scalable flow of exclusive, high-intent sales leads to feed your business and drive your growth.

System learns pipeline bidding strategies lead flow | CRM que nous connectons aux campagnes | Il sistema apprende le strategie di offerta della pipeline | El sistema aprende las estrategias de licitación de tuberías.

Full Control

The system learns what works best for your pipeline and stays on top of bidding strategies while you remain in constant control of lead flow.

Conversion paths paid search media TCPA GDPR-compliant | chemins de conversion respect réglementation RGPD TCPA | Percorsi di conversione pagati per i media di ricerca TCPA GDPR-compliant | Rutas de conversión pagadas medios de búsqueda compatibles con TCPA GDPR

Total Channel

Fully transparent sources and conversion paths from paid search and other biddable media. TCPA and GDPR-compliant by design.

Tailored lead-flows operate leads-as-a-Service system in house | flux de leads génériques clés-en main | I flussi di piombo su misura gestiscono il sistema lead-as-a-service in casa | Los flujos de clientes potenciales adaptan el sistema de clientes potenciales como servicio en casa.

Enjoy Dolead Your Way

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