Leads as a Service Software

Leads-as-a-service platform | plateforme saas génération leads | Piattaforma leads-as-a-service | Plataforma Leads-as-a-a-service

Gain access to smarter fundamental technologies — just like the A-players — including AI, multivariate testing, algorithmic bidding, and our exclusive Dolead Semantic Database.

Set up and manage unlimited lead generation pipelines

Supports all major paid search and biddable media channels

Closed-loop CRM integration

AI-powered automation and optimization with full human control

API integration

Operate more profitable lead flows.

Continuous innovation. No more marketing technology spaghetti.

Domain expertise and customer success coaching.

You stay in control of your results.

We provide a proven methodology to help you optimize your customer acquisition costs over time. While the engine optimizes the leads funnel and shields you from bidding risk, we work with you every week to make sure you stay in control of your results.