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Our Account Managers guide you through every aspect of your digital strategy

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99.9% SLA, 2/7 monitoring

Availability and reactivity.

Because we combine human expertise and state-of-the-art algorithms, our quality of service is unrivaled.

Enable the Autopilot mode to let our algorithms automatically tweak your campaigns (bids, new/pause/negative keywords), 24/7! You can also reach out to your Account Manager by phone from 9.30am to 7pm on weekdays. Last but not least, our IT team provides a 24/7 monitoring of the infrastructure.

Bing Elite Partner Accredited Professional and Google Premier Partner certifications

A privileged relationship with networks.

Dolead has both Google Premier Partner and Bing Elite Partner accreditations. Thanks to our exclusive partnerships, we benefit from Beta access to the latest features and API updates of AdWords, Shopping, and Bing. We also benefit from a unique support from these networks enabling Dolead Campaign Manager to support the latest updates as they are released. So that you are always ahead of your competitors.

12 Account Managers, 7 languages, 55 countries

A well-versed team of experts

Our Account Managers have been chosen according to their PPC knowledge, their technical abilities, and their complementarity. They speak 7 languages and they are certified by Google, Bing, and Facebook. Plus, since Dolead Campaign Manager manages all the day-to-day campaign operations, the experts can focus on helping you design and fulfill your online marketing strategy.

Reporting and customized digital strategy

From SEA to digital strategy

The Dolead agency helps you craft and deploy your digital marketing plan: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram campaigns, audit and setup of tracking solutions on your website, landing pages, Google Analytics optimization, A/B Testing ... We currently offer all those services to our customers. Our Account Managers use their expertise to serve your goals according to your business.

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