Solutions for Call Centers and Telesales

More value to the sales value chain

Contact centers and the indirect sales market are evolving. The advent of stricter data privacy legislation such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the US Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is restricting data sourcing and customer engagement practices the industry has relied on to produce leads and sales.

Meanwhile, your telesales operations are transitioning from certain types of data brokers and leads vendors to new digital sources, such as comparison sites. Your clients are increasingly expecting a more integrated offer. Best effort, or cost-plus pricing models are giving way to performance based models. There is an increasing trend toward indirect sales operating models over simple warm-lead transfer.

Cost-per-lead (CPL) is important but the resulting customer acquisition cost (CAC) is critical — you know that not all leads are created equal and don’t perform equally in your call center. Ultimately, you want to close more sales and keep your agents motivated. This means striking a balance between acquisition costs and productivity gains.

Secure your lead flow

Dolead provides you with a flow of high-intent prospects, at a fixed price. You can secure your lead flow, which is the most complex and fast-moving aspect of the outsourced sales value chain.

Our leads are inbound, high intent and fully consented leads by nature. We use no personally identifiable information (PII) to target our audiences.

Exclusive leads

Your leads are yours alone — you can use the same lead to detect cross-selling opportunities and data that you can monetize with other clients since the lead belongs to you and not your client.


Stable, reliable lead volumes.

High quality, high-intent leads for predictable outcomes.

Actionable lead flows in terms of volume and of customer profile.

Control over both forms and inbound calls at any time for improved agent occupancy rates.

At Dolead, we are not just digital marketers, we are customer acquisition specialists with domain expertise. We share the same pragmatic test-and-learn and KPI-driven culture as you.

You benefit from a dedicated client partner or customer success manager. We give you access to constant innovation and can regularly propose new initiatives to explore.