Solutions for Utilities

Switching on subscribers

Consumers and business decision makers have never had so much freedom to choose their utilities providers. Contract renewal cycles have accelerated and switching suppliers is no longer just for moving house or transferring premises.

All your future customers, including existing customers at risk of attrition, are inevitably exposed to search and paid media at every step of their decision path.

Because customer acquisition cost is a critical variable in your profitability, you must successfully balance pipeline performance and marketing spend.

Reliable, controllable leads

Dolead enables you to generate high-quality customer leads without sacrificing scale or your cost-of-acquisition targets.

Our technological edge enables us to eliminate the complexity and bidding risk involved in digital marketing. We can offer you a more reliable and controllable source of leads, offer by offer.

Whether you are looking to achieve sales quotas, optimize seasonal call center capacity, work with outsourced sales operations, or do more with your digital spend, we can help you succeed.

Exclusive, high quality, high intent leads with full channel transparency.

TCPA and GDPR compliant by design.

Fixed CPL with reliable, scalable volume.

Ability to enjoy tailored, branded conversion paths.

No commitment. No hidden costs.

Our Solutions for Utilities clients include: