Solutions for Customer Acquisition and Sales

A complex challenge in a dynamic ecosystem

Securing new leads and executing an effective performance marketing strategy is an increasingly complex challenge. You must work with multiple internal and external resources to acquire the best leads at the best price.

You are constantly on the lookout for innovation and to explore alternatives to comparison sites, but what you really want are new dependable channels that do not disrupt your existing ways of working. Furthemore, you must enable user experiences in line with your company’s brand image and ensure that you comply with data privacy legislation.

Ultimately, you are accountable to deliver targeted results for your sales teams while demonstrating ROI and the responsible use of your budget.

Take full control of your customer acquisition costs

Dolead can provide you with dependable volumes of exclusive leads. You can orient lead flows and our AI learns to optimize lead production according to what converts best for you.

At Dolead, we are not just digital marketers, we are customer acquisition specialists with domain expertise. We share the same KPI-centric and ROI-driven culture as you.

You benefit from a dedicated customer success manager. We give you access to constant innovation and can regularly propose new initiatives to explore.

We guarantee quality and transparency and always keep in mind a holistic vision of customer conversion. With this increased control over lead acquisition and processing, you ultimately have the opportunity to optimize customer acquisition cost.

Selected features:

Exclusive, high quality, high intent leads.

Fixed CPL with reliable, scalable volume.

Full channel transparency. TCPA and GDPR compliant by design.

Actionable lead flows in terms of volume and of customer profile.

Control over both forms and inbound calls at any time for improved occupancy rates.

Track and control lead disposition. No more campaign-to-cash tracking headaches.

No commitment. No hidden costs.