Solutions for Marketing

Serving the sales pipeline

Keeping sales supplied with a supply of reliable leads requires continuous care and attention. You have a contact center to keep busy or a sales force in the field that needs to book appointments. You have multiple lines of business and regions that all have to be satisfied. However, as a marketing decision maker, as important as lead generation and sourcing quality leads are, you have many additional responsibilities to worry about.

Predictable leads with peace of mind

Dolead can provide you with predictable volumes of high-intent leads that are complementary to other tactics such as email prospection, affiliate networks and inbound marketing. We offer the top layer of quality in terms of lead population or web traffic.

Our technological edge enables us to eliminate the complexity and overhead of lead generation — meaning you can concentrate more directly on your business growth. Importantly, we shield you from bidding risk involved in paid media and commit to locked CPLs for your peace of mind.

Add fuel to your growth while staying in full control

You avoid any disruption to your current ways of working and you gain full control over your customer acquisition costs with the flexibility to scale as desired.

While our AI self-optimizes for lead performance, your benefit from a dedicated customer success manager with expertise in your category who works with you to steer volume and customer profile.

Whether you are looking to add more fuel to your growth, or to get improved results over your existing marketing or agency efforts, we can help you succeed.

Selected features:


Exclusive, high quality, high intent leads.


No agency fees. No media risk. No commitment. No hidden costs.


Global territorial and language reach.

Reliable, scalable volume with the flexibility to stop and pick up at any time.


Predictable pricing. CPLs locked below your current averages.


A dedicated customer success manager with expertise in your category.


Transparent sourcing. TCPA and GDPR compliant by design.