Next-Generation Lead Generation

We’ve developed the world’s first fully integrated Leads-as-a-Service solution to automate and optimize paid-media customer acquisition at scale.

Optimize paid-media customer acquisition | Leads-as-a-Service automatise optimise acquisition client | Ottimizza l'acquisizione dei clienti a pagamento | Optimizar la adquisición de clientes de medios pagados. Next generation lead | campagnes plus intelligentes | Lead di nuova generazione | Líder de la próxima generación
Automation full human control | automatisé contrôle complet | Automazione controllo umano completo | Automatización total del control humano.
Smarter campaigns | conversions plus intelligentes | Campagne più intelligenti | Campañas mas inteligentes
Smarter conversions | conversions plus intellligentes | Conversioni più intelligenti | Conversiones mas inteligentes
Smarter bidding | enchères plus intelligentes | Offerta più intelligente | Ofertas más inteligentes

10+ years of R&D. Technologists and domain specialists with a steadfast vision

Every critical step in paid media lead acquisition automated and optimized

Semantics, AI. Continuous A/B testing and learning

Step 1

Smarter Campaigns










CTR lift

Superior Reach

The Dolead Semantic Database augments already high-performing keyword seed lists while retaining relevance. We expand top-of-funnel intake for 7 times more reach compared with alternative keyword planners.

Superior reach | meilleur reach
Granular campaigns massive scale | campagnes en finesse à grande échelle | Campagne granulari su vasta scala | Campañas granulares de escala masiva.

Granular Campaigns at Massive Scale

We orchestrate campaigns against the individual search term to maintain absolute control over the whole chain (SKAG campaigns). Our system learns and adjusts settings every 24 hours. A single person can supervise thousands of campaigns.

Automated Ad Copy

Our AI automatically generates consistent ad titles and copy while requesting human validation in certain cases. For each keyword, we A/B test up to 4 versions of ad copy to improve click-through rate.

Automated ad copy | contenus automatisés ia | Copia dell'annuncio automatizzata | Copia automatizada de anuncios

Step 2

Smarter Conversions


Forms & Phone

Data Validation

Up to x3 lead volume

Dynamic landing pages

Every landing page is personalized, including dynamic titles and calls-to-action to fully match the query. We use engaging, conversational forms and surveys. Response times are lightning fast to further minimize drop off.

Dynamic landing pages | landing pages dynamiques | Pagine di destinazione dinamiche | Páginas de destino dinámicas
Improved data capture | données mieux récoltées | Migliore acquisizione dei dati | Captura de datos mejorada

Improved data capture

We have streamlined the creation of landing pages and surveys in multiple languages.

Data hygiene is improved through auto-completion and in-line postal and telephone validation. We support dynamic numbers for click-to-call tracking.

Continuous optimization

We use multivariate testing, a sophisticated form of A/B testing. The machine optimizes the conversion path in response to user interactions.

Clients report up to 3 times lead volume lift.

Continuous optimization | optimisation continue | Ottimizzazione continua | Optimización continua

Step 3

Smarter Bidding

CRM integration

A/B testing

AI inside

+83% better bid

Sales data integration

We close the loop with your sales data so that the system learns how each lead performs in our pipeline.

We iteratively improve clicks, conversions and lead disposition week after week.

Sales data integration |
Dolead data hub | hub de données | hub di dati | Centro de datos de Dolead

Dolead Data Hub

The Dolead AI combines multiple data types, such as weather, landing page behavior, CRM data and ad network data, to enable contextual segmentation.

This gives us an extra edge in real time.

Contextual bid modifiers

We analyse good and bad performing click contexts to play with bid modifiers and optimize bidding over time.

Combined with our semantic know-how, this gives us an unfair advantage to attract your next customers while optimizing bidding performance.

Contextual bid modifiers | modificateurs d’enchères contextuels | modificatori di offerta contestuali | Modificadores de oferta contextuales
Algorithmic bidding | enchères algorithmiques | Offerta algoritmica | Puja algorítmica

Algorithmic bidding

We also use our semantic data to help evaluate the true biddable value of alternative search paths.

Our AI beats the leading CPA optimizers 83% of the time.

Stay in control
every step of the way.

We follow you every step of the way with a proven, progressive methodology to help you optimize your leads funnel customer acquisition costs over time.

While the engine optimizes campaigns, conversions, and bidding, we work with you every week to make sure you stay firmly in the driver’s seat.