May 7th 2021

The Latest in Higher Education – The CASE Summit for Leaders in Advancement

Dolead joined the CASE Summit for Leaders in Advancement that took place on July 14th – 16th in Boston. It was an opportunity to learn more about the latest trends and challenges in higher education. North American and European colleges and universities were particularly well represented with over 550 participants and 38 companies that joined as exhibitors.

What is Advancement?

As we dive into our experiences at the conference, it is important to explain the term “Advancement” as it is used in the field of higher education. Advancement is a strategy to build relationships and strengthen a university’s network of alumni, current students, and ties with the local community. In this way, universities also seek to reach out to government officials, the media, and potential donors. The conference covered a variety of topics including using big data to an institution’s best advantage, racial and cultural inclusion, and streamlining alumni fundraising efforts.  

In addition, colleges and universities need to constantly renew a portion of their student body each year and differentiate their school from the rest. Attracting the right students, maintaining diversity, and keeping these recruitment costs reasonable are all continual challenges. Dolead works to help higher education institutions meet these specific needs through paid media. Our clients including Penn Foster, CDI College, Iowa Central Community College, and Divine Mercy University use our technology to optimize their recruitment process to get in touch with top student profiles. Offering Leads-as-a-Service, we are able to extend their reach to attain and surpass admissions objectives.

Finding the Right Students Together

Joining the CASE Summit was a great occasion for us to strengthen existing partnerships and create new ones with many higher education institutions. It is also a way for us to connect with the industry and explain the prevalence of paid media while introducing the role of AI to develop more effective recruitment strategies. At Dolead, we create smarter campaigns to locate the right students for your program. Using dynamic landing pages to efficiently gather corresponding students profiles, we send them directing to your admissions department. Benefitting from your input on this steady flow of high-interest leads, we continue to refine each step to align with your specific ambitions.

We look forward to future higher education events and thank the CASE organization for all of their efforts to bring universities, colleges, and businesses together! 

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