Business Runs on High Quality Leads

Today’s sales teams run well-oiled pipelines. You now need to deliver them leads with equal effectiveness. Is this even possible?

Sales teams pipelines deliver leads equal effectiveness | moteurs de recherche clients durs à trouver | Motori di ricerca difficili da trovare

People Use Search All The Time. Yet Customers Are Still Hard To Find.

Google receives over
63,000 searches per second
on any given day.

Potential customers search interact paid media generating leads sales teams | intentions d'achat campagnes de paid media générer leads équipes commerciales | intenzioni di acquisto pagate campagne mediatiche generano team di vendita

All your potential customers use search and interact with paid media throughout their buyer journey. Generating leads ought to be easy.

At least Sales teams think so.

But it’s not that easy.

Barriers Between You and Your Future Customers

Buying leads should be as easy as buying clicks

Using Google Ads has never been more accessible, yet bridging search and paid media with sales still requires much more complexity and effort.

Buying leads easy | acheter leads simplement | comprare semplicemente dei cavi
Search paid media | search paid media | cerca media a pagamento

Search and paid media are at the center of an arms race

Behind the simplicity of the search box lies great complexity and ever-growing competition for buyers’ attention. All potential customers are there, but it’s a race to capture the same leads.

Marketing technologies are more complex than ever

Search marketing and paid media is increasingly automated and math-driven. You are being outgunned by the A-players who have invested in automation and AI at every step of the way, including campaign orchestration, bidding optimization, conversion rate optimization and real-time analytics.

Advertizing technology | orchestration campagnes optimisation enchères conversion | Tecnologia pubblicitaria
Search pay to play | maîtriser tunnel de conversion | Cerca paga per giocare.

Search is increasingly
a pay-to-play game

Paid ads are progressively dominating search results. Your organic efforts are being pushed further below the fold. Pricing is volatile and always trending upwards. Plus, 15% of searches at any given time are brand new, making it tough to keep up with changing user intent and maintain control over the conversion chain.

Your leads vendors also feel the squeeze

You require dependable leads that offer lower customer acquisition cost and less frustration for Sales. But not all leads are created equal. Stricter data privacy rules make it harder to initiate conversations and quality traffic carries an increasing premium.

Leads vendors | leads fiables allègent coûts d’acquisition | Conduce i venditori
Challenge everybody | leads arsenal marketing | Sfida tutti

Keeping up is a challenge for everybody

Maintaining a marketing stack is a full-time job and your budget is limited. You are short on domain expertise and data skills with or without an agency. It is difficult to track results and to close the loop with actual sales.

Smarter way connect high-intent customers sales team | génération de leads facile | Un modo più intelligente di collegare il team di vendita dei clienti di alto livello

Guess What?!
There’s a Smarter Way
to Connect High-Intent Customers with your Sales Team

You can consistently deliver high-quality leads. With a trusted partner, skip the complexity and volatility to pipe exclusive, high-intent, sales-ready leads directly to Sales at a lower locked price at scale.

Exclusive, high-volume, high-quality channel-transparent leads.

No fees. No license. No retainer. Stop or scale at any time.

No media bidding risk. No more complexity.

No disruption to your way of working.

No resources or skills required.

A clear technological edge to make it all possible.


The world’s first paid media Leads-as-a-Service solution.

First paid media Leads-as-a-Service solution | première solution Leads-as-a-Service paid media | La prima soluzione Leads-as-a-Service multimediale a pagamento Learn more