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Focus on sales - we’ll take care of lead acquisition

Boost your growth

Provide your sales teams with the strongest leads

All sales teams want to work with qualified leads. Avoid endless prospecting and marketing campaigns with a low return on investment - Dolead helps you generate leads by creating strong, targeted paid marketing campaigns, and transmits these leads to you in real time.


We create and steer our own optimized digital marketing campaigns (Google / Bing / Facebook) in parallel to your campaigns.


We cover advertising expenses, so you only pay for each qualified lead that you receive.


Sourced mainly from SEA, where consumers’ purchase intentions are strong. We use our technology and expertise to harness these intentions.


With month-to-month payment and no set-up cost, you can stop using our services whenever you like, ensuring optimal flexibility.

How do we manage your leads?

Here’s how Dolead Performance works:

Create brief

Establishing the number of leads required, price per lead, and geographic locations and socio-demographic characteristics of sales targets

Create landing page

Creation of a landing page based on your key marketing messages

Validate marketing content

Wording and tone, colors and graphic design, etc.

Send leads

Qualified and enriched leads are sent directly to your CRM

Analysis and improvements

Analysis of sales data and re-working campaigns and landing pages based on the results of this analysis.

What our clients are saying

“Thanks to Dolead Performance, I doubled my lead volume while improving my conversion rate by more than 50%.”

Elise, Acquisition Manager in the telecommunications industry

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414 018 leads generated 2017

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