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Welcome to the future of lead generation, where your business’ growth potential is unlocked by a team of experts equipped with high-powered AI technologies and automation capabilities.

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Meet The Founders

Dolead - Arthur Saint-Père

Arthur Saint-Père

Arthur is on a mission to conquer the challenges of digital lead generation. He is also an avid skier and mountain climber, having led expeditions in the Alps, Himalayas, and the Andes. Arthur is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dolead - Guillaume Heintz

Guillaume Heintz

Guillaume strives to operate the company like a well-run kitchen, which comes naturally given his passion for the culinary arts. Guillaume is based in Paris, France.

Our Story


Starting their careers in the publishing space provided early insight into lead generation and search marketing.


Not satisfied with existing solutions, they set out to build something much more ambitious — to make customer acquisition easy.


Our AI automatically generates consistent ad titles and copy while requesting human validation in certain cases. For each keyword, we A/B test up to 4 versions of ad copy to improve the click-through rate.

Our Core Values

Our values shape the culture of our organization and define the character of our company. They serve as the foundation for how we act and make decisions, on both an individual and collective basis.

Dolead - Data Wins Arguments

Data Wins

Evidence, in the form of data, underpins everything we do. Our observations of the data inform our strategies and allow us to select what is best for your company.

Dolead - Your Success Is My Success

Your Success
Is My Success

We succeed when our partners succeed. With relationships built on trust and care, we’ll be by your side to help your business grow for the long term.

Dolead - PoC & Scale

PoC &

As a prerequisite to any project, all ideas need to be tested. Once Proof of Concept is demonstrated, and success is guaranteed, we’ll scale it.

Dolead - Dream Big, Stay Humble

Dream Big,
Stay Humble

Together with our big dreams and ambitions, we always remember that our team comes first. Our team and the way in which we work together, based on respect, is the reason for our success.

Dolead - Work Hard, Play Hard

Work Hard,
Play Hard

Working hard doesn’t mean there is no room to show the human face of the business. We are a diverse, inclusive community that has pride in our positive social connections as well as our work.

Dolead - Our Culture Of Diversity

Our Culture Of Diversity

Dolead welcomes people from all walks of life to work in a safe and open environment. We want to encourage people to be their best selves. Everyone at Dolead is different and we believe that embracing differences and diversity helps us thrive, innovate and succeed together.

Meet The Leadership Team

Dolead - Valentin Flavenot


Chief Growth Officer

Dolead - Jean Nijdam


Chief Sales Officer

Dolead - Vlad Zloteanu


Chief Technology Officer

Dolead - Myriam Tahraoui


Chief People Officer

Dolead - Hadrien Baradel


Chief Product Officer

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