Obtain more qualified leads

We use Dolead Campaign Manager technology to optimize our clients’ marketing campaigns. Find out how.

Our Platform

Dolead Campaign Manager groups together your various different acquisition channels and optimizes your campaigns to generate more leads at scale

Centralize your goals

Manage all of your campaigns from a single platform

Monitoring the performance of your marketing campaigns on various platforms can be time-consuming. Dolead Campaign Manager makes the process quicker and easier - you can manage your Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and Taboola campaigns from a single platform. Use the interface to make changes to multiple different campaigns, or organize your statistics based on your paid marketing channels.


This provides you with a comprehensive overview of your campaigns, according to your marketing objectives. Dolead Performance clients can see the number of leads generated and track the performance of Dolead’s lead generation campaigns in real time.

Interface de Dolead Campaign Manager

Optimize your campaigns in real time

Use the power of statistics to improve the performance of your campaigns

The product of 4 years of research and development, our semantic analysis algorithms can automatically suggest which keywords to add or pause, as well as which negative keywords to add. This allows you create the most cost-effective customer acquisition strategy possible.

In addition, Dolead campaign manager also suggests bid adjustments based on a variety of different factors: seasonality, weather, time, location, electronic device, etc. Increase or decrease your bid amounts with a single click to optimize your campaigns’ return on investment.

Spend more time on key aspects of your business

Let Dolead Campaign Manager run your marketing campaigns

One of Dolead’s key features is our powerful bid management tool. Enable this feature to manage your campaign’s bids in real time, improving performance by making down-to-the-second modifications. Don’t waste time figuring out which bids to decrease or increase - let the algorithm manage them for you!

Don’t hesitate to create new campaigns

Create a new campaign in only 20 minutes

One of the most time-consuming and complex tasks in search engine marketing is creating new campaigns. With Dolead Campaign Manager, you no longer need to spend hours trying to come up with new ideas for ads. Select your initial keywords, and our tool will suggest hundreds of ads and ad groups that you can accept with a single click.

Maximize your conversion rate

Personalized and A/B tested landing pages

Creating and maintaining a marketing campaign is not enough - the landing page is another essential element of the conversion funnel. Our tools provide Dolead Performance clients with personalized landing pages, designed to be as pertinent as possible for each visitor. These pages are continuously A/B tested in order to generate as many leads as possible.

Les A/B Test pour vous landings pages

Truly performance-based customer acquisition campaigns

The cost-per-click era is ending, making way for cost-per-lead

Dolead Campaign Manager interfaces with over 73 CRMs, allowing us to transfer generated leads in real-time. This gives your sales team the opportunity to follow up on these these leads while they are still “hot”.


Better yet, we won’t just send information - we’ll also analyze your sales data in order to improve and refine your paid marketing campaigns, making them as effective as possible.

Don’t have a CRM? No problem! We can also send your leads via email or a Google Spreadsheet.